Hero image drawn by Elias Cristian Vladislav Diehl.
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My name is Stian B. Mathisen, I’m a 25 year old guy from the middle of Norway. My interests and hobbies span across many fields, both technological and not. IT is definitely my biggest interest, shortly followed by Animals (agility etc), Archery, Airsoft, Beer brewing, Hydroponics, Space travel etc. You can read more about my hobbies in /hobbies/.

I’m a person that constantly try to challenge myself, either by creating complex projects to learn from, or helping other people. You can read more about the projects I’m working on / helping over in /portifolio/ and about the system running this website (and about 20 other websites) over in /system/.

Sadly, I’m not that good at programming or development, but I see myself as a solution architect and love coming with good and effective solutions that does the job in a satisfactory and proper way.

Moment in modern tech history I will remember the most!