Hero image drawn by Elias Cristian Vladislav Diehl.
To read about the inspiration for this piece, click here.


I enjoy using my passiong for IT and web technology to help creators, fandoms, communities, performers get a web presence. I’m not a designer or a developer, but I help where I’m able to!

Silje Mathisen
December 2019 – Current
Performer / Entertainer

Role: Hosting, Domain, Mail, Web, Technical, Design

Saber Realms
December 2019 – Current
Gaming Community

Role: Hosting, Domain, Mail, Design, Dedicated servers, Tech lead, Planner

March 2018 – January 2019
Social Gathering

Role: Hosting, Domain, Mail

Saber Hosting
December 2015 – Current
Multi-Field Business

Role: Founder, Hosting, Domain, Mail, Team lead

December 2019 – Current
Social Media

Role: Hosting, Domain, Mail, Planner, Team lead

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