Hero image drawn by Elias Cristian Vladislav Diehl.
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Project Plan: Tactical computer with HUD.

Airsoft is one of my largest hobbies, and I wanted to do something technical with it, inspired greatly from movies as well as the game, The Division.

The plan so far, is to house a Raspberry Pi 4 with the LTE/4G HAT, GPS/GSM TRACKER, and a USB driven Software Defined Radio in a housing like the ISAC Beacon.

In the backpack, there will be an array of 18650 batteries, providing a steady stream of power for the LVDS display on the wrist, and the computer system on the shoulder.

Project Plan: Automated beer system.

I am fantasizing on starting to brew beer, and I have made a trial attempt using a five liter BrewBarrel but it did not go all according to plan.

I will be trying again with proper equipment once I have a space suitable for it. The recipes I will be using, will be originating from old Viking traditions, currently carried on by the Icelandic people.

Source: https://blog.adafruit.com/2014/03/07/brew-perfect-beer-with-help-from-the-raspberry_pi-piday-raspberrypi/

I will also try to modernize the process, using a Raspberry Pi or Arduino to control and manage the timings, temperature etc. I’m excited for this, as I love beer.

I want to have the entire brewing process monitored using Prometheus, Grafana and maybe Loki/Cortex.

Project Plan: Automated drip system.

I’m fascinating by technology, yet still we are heavily dependant on land based farming for growing our food. Land based farming takes a huge portion of our water consumption per year, and has a huge potential for successful modernization.

I want to become independent, and grow my own vegetables, herbs and chillies to use for my daily needs. I could even brew my own beer, make my own liqours or cooking oils/sauces with self grown vegetables.

The plan is to start testing out a small drip system, and possibly a nutrient film technique once the drip system is working perfectly.

Planning phase:

Pipe pieces needed:
110mm diameter sewage/drainage pipe (main tray / drainage)
110mm to 50mm transition (smaller and easier)
50mm 87* bend (bend drainage down)
End cap

Various drip stakes
Small feeder flex pipe

Project Plan: Extract CAN data from car.

I don’t have a drivers license yet, but I’m working on it, still… I can’t help but be fascinated by the possibilities this gives me. I want to set up a Raspberry Pi with the RS485 CAN HAT or similar systems to interface with the vehicles Controller Area Network system to extract a variety of metrics related to the vehicles health and usage.

ASG CZ Shadow 2

I just recently bought my first pistol, the high quality ASG CZ Shadow 2! The Shadow 2 is a highly prized pistol and was awarded “Best Pistol 2019” and is currently one of the most popular in use in competition shooting.

This is the Airsoft variant, so while it shoots vastly different ammunition, the build quality and the construction is exactly the same, featuring full-metal body and slide (weighting about 1.3kg), and has a quite satisfying gas blow-back effect and recoil effect due to it’s use of Co2 instead of batteries.